Chelsey & Michael

Picking the perfect bridesmaid dress is nearly as important as finding the perfect wedding dress, and the bride was able to accomplish just that. She made her besties look amazing while also prioritizing their comfort in gowns that matched the elegant mood as well as the classic neutral-hued theme of the day. The starring look was a cutaway halter neckline with a soft a-line silhouette and a self-tie sash, AKA our Alana dress, in Chantilly, which created a natural simplicity ideal for the uncomplicated decor.

Helping to make Chelsey & Michael’s dream of a modern-meets-classic, polished wedding come to life, was the location. The grand event took place at their very own alma mater,  The University of Tennessee at Chattanoogawhere they had met during their undergrad year. The breathtakingly beautiful chapel had a vintage charm, and was decorated with soft ivory hydrangeas, peonies, and roses with cascading greenery that enveloped the altar as the Mr & Mrs to-be lit candles together to mark the joining of two souls.

The celebration carried on at the reception which took place at the Hunter Museumfeaturing grand and big glass windows that allowed those present to look over the Tennessee River and the famous Walking Bridge. The hall was filled with white decorative florals as centerpieces on every table, as well as on the three-tier white wedding cake – which wasn’t the only cake! The bride had surprised her new official hubby with a designed Memphis Grizzles NBA cake, decorated with chocolate covered strawberries especially for him. From photos of the duo at the entrance to customized wedding drink holders, and even a sparkler exit, this beautiful occasion had everyone feeling the love!

Thankfully Cinderella Photography was behind the lens to capture all these priceless moments which we’re now sharing below. Take a peek!

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Photography: Cinderella Photography // Floral designs: May Flowers // Caterer: Events with Taste // Wedding Venue: The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga // Reception Venue: Hunter Museum // Hair dresser: Victoria Kenyon  // Makeup artist: Emme Makeup  // Wedding Dress: Allure Bridal // Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan  // Event Planner: InStyle Weddings and Events Planner 

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