Weekend Plans: Cooking with the Family

With everyone out of school for the summer, you’re likely to have a few extra eager hands hanging around the kitchen at dinner time. Our suggestion? Get into something comfortable, throw on a few extra aprons, and put them to work! Here are a few suggestions we collected from Pinterest that the kids can help make, and most likely eat!

Who wouldn’t want a cookie for breakfast?  These little gems cut out the bad (sugar and butter) and are stuffed full of the good (oats, nuts, and fruit)!

These little lasagna cups are easy and fun for small hands, and sneak in a hefty serving of vegetables.

We’re not sure kids will love eating these, but they could definitely help make these delicious zucchini boats.

Frozen bananas are a classic treat, and being covered in chocolate, sprinkles, and nuts are sure to make these a hit.

Something about food on a stick is always appealing to children. That makes fruit skewers a no brainer!

A dish covered in tomato sauce and delicious bubbly cheese just might get the whole family to love healthy salmon!

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